Customer Service

The next generation of AAC leadership is committed to carrying on Bill and Carolyn’s insistence on top quality workmanship, products that are 100 percent made with components manufactured in the U.S., and customer service that cannot be topped by their competitors. The Henderson family has a special rapport with livestock farmers, as well as construction professionals specializing in the building of hog, cattle, dairy and poultry barns.

Only Made In The USA

American Agra Curtains, a manufacturer of textile products for livestock barns, particularly insulated curtains for swine, dairy and poultry operations, was founded in 1983 by Bill and Carolyn Henderson. While Bill, who was at the time a builder of livestock facilities, constructed structures throughout the midwest, Carolyn began to offer her expertise as a seamstress to begin making the curtains for those facilities.  At the beginning, Carolyn made the curtains on the couple’s front porch. To measure the length, which can often be hundreds of feet long, the curtains were stretched out in the road in front of the couple’s house. The Hendersons developed their insulated curtain, named Mar-Co-Lite, in 1984 and later received a patent.

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