Cattle Curtains

As a cattle farmer, you want the very best for your animals. Not only does this mean they are happy and healthy, but this also means greater productivity and profits. You want a good return on your investment. But, how easy is that when you're spending a fortune on energy-hungry ineffective climate control systems?

Heating, lighting, and ventilation in cattle barns don't have to be that hard. You can get an efficient solution that saves you money and gives your herd precisely what they need. Our Mar-Co-Lite room dividers are the perfect solution to make your life a lot easier. Here's why.

What Benefits Can You Get From The Best Cattle Barn Curtains?

  • Creating a more efficient heating and cooling system for your cattle with the Mar-Co-Lite lining.
  • Dividing your cattle into groups as needed for the tasks ahead.
  • Protecting cattle from external threats, such as chemicals or disease.
  • Offering a more energy-efficient solution for struggling dairy farms.
  • A quick and easy solution that won't spook your cows.
  • A user-friendly material that's easy to maintain.

The right cattle barn curtains can make a massive difference in the running of a farm and overall efficiency. So, let's take a closer look at these potential benefits and how they can help you. Hopefully, you'll agree that our USA-made patented cow curtains are the way forward.

1) Providing a more comfortable environment for your cattle.

Cattle barn screening should provide the right combination of ventilation, temperature control, and light control. The problem is that many heavy-duty cattle screens are hard work to get into position and can be quite limiting. A fabric screen divider gives you greater control over which areas of the barn have sunlight and which are kept darker. You can cool the place down by letting in fresh air while still blocking the cows' exit point. Or, you can create a more controlled area to circulate heat in colder months. The point is that these cattle curtains are adaptable to your circumstances. You can work with them rather than fight against them.

2) Controlling the position and grouping of your animals at any time.

This idea of a cattle barn divider is important because this is where these curtains make a big difference compared to shutters. With barn shutters for light and ventilation, you still have one big open space where all the animals can move freely and mingle. This isn't always practical when you need to separate a herd for important checks or specific tasks. It's also not great if you have to store any other goods, feed, or machinery there temporarily. Again, it is all about flexibility and the chance to make your barn work for you. As you will see below, the construction of these dividers also makes them more beneficial for the animals.

3) Protecting vulnerable cows from the risk of disease or other illnesses.

All cattle farmers know how vulnerable a herd can get when there are dangerous pathogens and diseases around. Losing one individual is devastating, but losing a group can be a financial disaster. Sadly, the risks are too numerous. Effective screening can not only improve ventilation to keep airborne diseases out, but also provide a barrier between healthy cows and those in treatment. Furthermore, they can reduce exposure to methane and other chemical fumes that may circulate in the barn. The right breathable material can make a big difference.

4) Doing all of this while saving money on your energy costs.

One reason farmers may be wary of switching to a whole new screening solution is the cost. Chances are you're already working on a tight budget and are making do with what you have. Well, these alternative cow curtains are an affordable and cost-effective way to make a difference. First of all, you don't have to worry so much about the energy used operating any sort of drive-based mechanism and lots of artificial lights. The fabric curtains and their more effective ventilation and heating systems also mean you will save on energy costs over time. This is a big deal when looking for any way to lower electricity costs.

Enhancing Your Cattle Barn With Mar-Co-Lite Curtains

The best cow curtains can only provide these advantages if you can be sure they have the right materials, structure, and durability. That is where our Mar-Co-Lite curtains are here to help.

These curtains have a more cow-friendly and efficient solution than more industrial barriers and screens. An additional concern you may have about metal barriers and shutters is that they may be far too industrial and heavy-duty for your team and your animals. There is no need to have noisy systems in place that take ages to adjust and end up spooking the cows or making them uncomfortable.

This approach also means that you and your workers aren't wasting valuable time and effort with the operations, cleaning, and other maintenance work. Anyone can set up these curtains because of their simple design and flexible structure. Just hang your divider in the right place, secure the pieces with the 4” hem, and know your cows are safe in their climate-controlled area. The high-quality materials on this USA-made product mean that you can do this time and time again and not worry about the integrity and benefits of the room divider.

On top of that, the wipe-clean material and use of an internal Mar-Co-Lite lining means there are no concerns about cleaning and taking care of the curtains. You can wipe them down to remove dirt and dust to keep the place hygienic and not worry about damaging the properties of those materials. This patented design is one that you can rely on for years to come.

See How Our Mar-Co-Lite Cow Curtains Can Help You

The advantages of our insulating Mar-Co-Lite cattle curtains are clear. You can do a lot of good for your herd by creating a more energy-efficient heating and ventilation system. You also have the chance to protect them from disease and offer more comfort. The fact that you get a more cost-effective and user-friendly solution in the process only enhances their appeal.

So, if you're in the market for something different and want to completely update your barn's climate control, get in touch with our team. Call us today at 765-564-3979 to learn more about the materials and properties of these brilliant cow curtains. Talk to our team about your options and getting set up. Before long, you can have a much more effective system in place and reap the rewards.