Commercial Products

The Wide Range Of Mar-Co-Lite Commercial Products

Our main objective when creating our insulating curtains and room dividers was to give farmers and homeowners a more efficient and user-friendly climate control solution. Since patenting our Mar-Co-Lite product, we have expanded the range to offer solutions to all kinds of problems.

Our curtains for barns are ideal for regulating heat and light while also improving biosecurity. They are also adaptable enough to be used in greenhouses for precise growing cycles and work as temperature regulators for RVs.

While we specialize in providing the very best agricultural and domestic insulating curtains for your home and business, this is just the start of the commercial products on offer. Beyond our cow curtains, hog barn dividers, poultry screens, and RV skirting, there are other tools that you can use to improve the climate and energy efficiency in your home. You may also want to consider our boat covers and fan covers.

Mar-Co-Lite Boat Covers

Boat covers are a must when keeping your boat protected against damage and theft. However, the properties of a Mar-Co-Lite boat cover are even more advantageous. These covers offer the following.

  • Effective insulation to stop water freezing and causing damage within the boat.
  • A secure fit to stop bad weather from damaging your boat.
  • A secure closure system for ease of use.
  • An easy-clean surface for added convenience.

Boat covers are all about protecting your pride and joy when not in use. Exposure to wind, rain, and saltwater can take their toll on the structure and electronic systems onboard. Any trapped water that freezes in cold conditions can cause cracks and permanent damage to displays. A high-quality boat cover with an insulating lining regulates the temperature to stop that from happening.

There are already plenty of covers and tarps around that you can tie down over a boat, but that might not be enough. A secure close-fitting boat cover with its 4” hem closing system makes the boat much impenetrable. The cold air and violent waves aren't going to do as much damage, and you can return to a dry, intact boat with no operational or cosmetic damage.

Mar-Co-Lite Fan Covers

Then there are the fan covers for those working in more industrial properties. These covers wrap around the vents on extraction and heavy-duty ventilation systems to improve their lifespan and effectiveness. With these covers in place, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • High-level insulation to stop condensations damaging the fans in cold weather.
  • Customizable fits for a snug barrier around the vents.
  • Effective biosecurity to stop threats entering the building through the ventilation system.
  • A barrier to prevent any accidents on site.

Whatever the scale of your operation, you need to be sure that your ventilation system provides consistent fresh air at all times. However, a combination of environmental factors can weaken the fans and electronics, reducing their effectiveness. A strong cover can stop cold air from causing too much damage in the winter. They can also offer protection against other threats throughout the year, such as dust, pollen, and pathogens. This can help maintain the life of your vents and the quality of life of any animals in your facility.

At the same time, these barriers can help protect people and animals on the outside. We can get fan covers for small-scale domestic fans to stop children and animals from reaching in and getting hurt by the blades. There is a similar level of protection here with this secure screen. Anyone working around the vents is less at risk, and you also aren't going to get birds and animals entering the system.

Our Range Of Additional Commercial Products

Away from the main products like our curtains, covers, and room dividers, there are many more accessories to help you out. A lot of these products are designed to make it even easier to set up these screens wherever you need them. They give you greater security without compromising the adaptability and ease of use of the curtains. These extra products include the following.

  • Cool Cell covers
  • End flaps
  • Pulleys
  • Bird barriers
  • Stainless steel cables
  • Split bolts
  • Curtain clips
  • Rope and cord
  • Swage Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Cup Hooks

There is plenty of choice here on how you want to set up your curtain or screening system. The additional curtain clips can enhance the secure closure offered by the 4” hems. The choice of stainless steel cables and ropes for the pulleys also puts you in control of your new climate control system. Go with what works best for your space and the needs of those working with the system each day.

You can tell us precisely what you need from these heating and cooling systems, and we will do our best to provide a custom solution you can count on. This adaptability also means that if you decide to set up another system in a different barn, you can tweak the finer details to make it even more compatible.

Why Choose Mar-Co-Lite Products And Accessories For Your Business

As with all the substantial barn dividers and curtains, these boat and fan covers have the same high-end materials for the same great performance. This includes our patented Mar-Co-Lite interior lining that provides the best insulation possible and gets you the results you need. You also get the same easy-clean material on the exterior, letting you keep the covers as effective, hygienic, and attractive as you can.

We promise the same level of care and high-quality materials with all of our additional fixtures and accessories. Everything is made in the USA for consistency and assured durability. This gives all our parts the longevity you need to rely on them day after day. You get peace of mind knowing that your livestock, property, and possessions are all safe and under a more advantageous level of climate control.

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