Greenhouse Curtains & Hemp Farm Curtains

The Benefits Of Mar-Co-Lite Hemp Farm Curtains

Hemp farming is a great source of income, especially now more and more businesses are learning about the benefits of the plant and its oil. Yet, growing hemp isn't always easy. You need the best climate control and light regulation possible and this means more than setting up your plants in a standard greenhouse. Our Mar-Co-Lite hemp greenhouse curtains can make a big difference. Here are some of the important benefits these screens can offer and why you should turn to our company for the best products.

How Can Greenhouse Curtains Help Your Hemp Farm?

  • Improved heat regulation for precise growing conditions.
  • Greater control over light levels for better crops.
  • Improved results without paying extra for heating and lighting costs.
  • Additional pest control for the health of your plants.
  • A flexible but secure screen that is made to last.
  • Easy to set up and clean for maximum convenience.

This may sound like a lot to ask from one simple curtain system. However, that's exactly what you get when you choose the insulating Mar-Co-Lite curtain. Here's a little more about those advantages you can experience.

1) You can gain better control over the temperature of your greenhouse.

Hemp thrives in a very small temperature window. Ideally, you want a system that keeps the plants at 24 degrees Celsius or 75 Fahrenheit. Too far either way, and you run the risk of the plants getting too cold or too hot, and this can trigger unwelcome survival responses that hinder growth and plant quality. An effective hemp greenhouse curtain can make it easier to heat and ventilate an area on demand. All you need to do is close it up to retain the heat when the temperature drops and open it back up if the place starts getting too warm.

2) You can use the curtain as a blackout screen to control growth even further.

Light is another important factor when growing hemp efficiently. Farmers need to control light levels in cycles to facilitate vegetative growth and flowering. Maintaining 12 hours of darkness for flowering isn't easy in natural conditions, especially in a big glasshouse. You need a user-friendly system you can set up and take down at will with complete consistency. You also need to be sure it is simple enough to use that any member of staff can use it. These curtains help block out the light from all angles to give plants the best chance. The simple construction and set-up means it is then really easy to take the curtains apart and let the light back in.

3) You can do all this while saving money on your energy costs.

The energy costs involved in running a greenhouse can be substantial. Small-scale growers don't appreciate the effort it takes to create those perfect growing conditions and environmental controls. The temperature regulation and light blocking via the curtains means far less energy wasted trying to regulate the whole building. This will save you money over time on your bills - which can then go towards new equipment and maybe marketing or other business costs.

However, there is also the environmental impact. As a hemp farmer, your carbon footprint and use of non-renewable energy have to be a concern, especially when promoting your crops to other businesses. With a Mar-Co-Lite curtain, you can prove yourself as an eco-conscious company looking to make proactive changes for the planet. This is sure to endear you to any eco-friendly company looking for a valuable and trustworthy hemp supplier.

4) You also get the bonus of some helpful pest control screening.

These helpful greenhouse curtains aren't just a way to control the growth of your plants. They are also a brilliant way to help protect their long-term health. There are lots of bugs, caterpillars, and other pests who will happily come in and munch away on your prized crops. This can be harmful for the plant and for their commercial value. Naturally, as a green-minded grower, pesticide sprays are going to be a last resort.
So, an effective fabric screen enclosing the plants is the next best thing. There may still be a few critters that get through, but it's still a great line of defense. On top of that, the screens can provide a barrier to any harmful substances that may come in from outside the greenhouse. You could end up with a much healthier crop, with greater botanical properties and greater appeal to buyers.

Why Choose Hemp Farm Curtains With Mar-Co-Lite?

The best way to ensure that you get all those benefits within your commercial greenhouse is to use a high-end insulating curtain. Our Mar-Co-Lite curtains offer that user-friendly experience and the results you are after. After a quick and easy installation process it is ready to use whenever you need it.

These hemp nursery curtains are high-quality screens that can help you protect your plants year after year. A misconception with flexible screens like this is that you're getting an inferior product that isn't going to stand up to repeated use. That isn't the case at all, because we pride ourselves on the professional quality of the construction and materials used. The most important of these is the patented Mar-Co-Lite interior lining, which is responsible for such efficient climate control.

These USA-made curtains are also really easy to use and maintain, so you can spend more time concentrating on your plants. When you want to create a secure boundary around your plants, all you need to do is get the material in place and fasten the pieces together. The 4” hems are a quick and effective way to create a secure barrier and are really easy to take apart when it's time for a light cycle. Furthermore, the effective and durable exterior material is really easy to clean. This means you can wipe off any dirt and potential contaminants and improve the biosecurity of the greenhouse.

Choose Mar-Co-Lite Greenhouse Dividers For Your Farm

These greenhouse dividers are a must-have solution for any hemp grower looking to increase productivity and crop quality. The materials and design of the curtains make them perfect for improving climate control while also regulating growing conditions and pest control. They are so simple to use and cost-effective that you should start to see the difference in no time.

If you think it's time to make the switch and bring this new form of hemp greenhouse curtain to your business, get in touch. Call us today at (765) 564-3979 for more information on the brand and to set up your first order.