Hog Curtains

Why Install Mar-Co-Lite Hog Barn Curtains?

All hog farmers know how important it is to keep your livestock safe and healthy at all times. This is easier said than done when battling against extreme weather conditions, temperature changes, diseases, and the high costs of running a farm. The right screening system plays a big part in controlling conditions and maintaining your barn. However, not all systems are built the same. Some farmers are surprised to find that it's the insulated curtains that make the biggest difference.

We specialize in producing the most effective swine curtains to benefit both you and your animals. So, what makes them so special compared to other options, and how can they make a difference in your hog barn?

Original Hog Curtain Founders

We hold the original insulated curtain patent and are a founding hog curtain manufacturer in the USA. In fact, we have created our curtains produced 100% in the USA for the past 40 years. Some of our materials were created exclusively for the fabrication of our curtains.

The Benefits of an Insulated Hog Barn Curtains Over Heavy-Duty Ventilation

The idea of an insulated barn curtain with 4” hem may not sound like the obvious choice at first. However, there are plenty of advantages to using these screens outside your hog barn. These screens can offer the following.

  • Greater adaptability when controlling the climate in the barn.
  • Lower running costs when heating and cooling a barn.
  • Great insulating properties thanks to the effective lining.
  • A secure divider to separate hogs from other animals, people, equipment, or other vital work.
  • Ease of use thanks to the lighter material and simple closure system.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the material choice.

This is what you get when you install one of our swine curtains

1) A cost-effective alternative to an HVAC system.

This is perhaps the most important benefit of all here. It can be costly to heat and cool a barn effectively. Even if you find a high-end HVAC with perfect climate control, what are the running costs? Can you afford it? A new barn curtain can provide the same control over heating and cooling your structure. The insulating layers mean that heat is trapped in the interior space with ease, offering enough warmth in the winter. Then, you can take advantage of the ventilation and the ability to open up the building to let colder air in during the summer.

2) A new way to control light levels.

It isn't just the temperature and fresh air you need to worry about when providing the best environment for your hogs. Light levels also play their part. You need to make sure enough light comes into the barn throughout the day, and this will vary depending on the condition of the pigs. That is where it helps to be able to brighten and dim the light levels at will. The right hog curtain in the right position could be the answer.

3) A healthier climate control system.

There are all kinds of risk factors when keeping your animals contained together indoors. It can be a protective and secure home, but only with the right preventative measures. The last thing you need is animals getting sick from chemical fumes, airborne diseases, or any mold lingering in the building. A clean and simple barn curtain like this provides that effective barrier. It can also help shield younger animals from additional risk factors by confining them to one area of the barn.

4) An effective room divider.

The final benefit is also practical and not to be overlooked. When you use one of these barn curtains, you are also getting room dividers. You have a simple screen that breaks the interior into sections for improved control and productivity. If you want to keep your animals over to one side of the barn while you work on the other, the screen can help. It means you can also separate groups of animals based on their needs or keep an area free of equipment. It gives you greater choice over how to manage the space.

What Makes Our Hog Curtains Special?

The main selling point here is the use of insulating material with a 4” quilt hems to help them fold. This isn't just a way to improve climate control through heating and ventilation. This is a way to create a better atmosphere for your animals without bringing in any other expensive equipment or extra materials. It's all down to the patented Mar-Co-Lite lining. This extra layer could be the game changer when it comes to lowering those running costs and getting the climate just right.

On top of that, everyone who uses these practical barn curtains can enjoy the ease of use. You don't have to worry about any complex system for getting any heavy-duty screens in place. You aren't left fiddling with annoying fixtures and clasps to get them to stay in place. Instead, you get the benefit of a simple 4” hem closure. The curtains come together in seconds, for a more efficient way to screen your hogs, and it takes minimal effort to get them apart again. You still get a secure barrier but with less fuss.

The material choice also makes them really easy to clean. You don't want to spend ages scrubbing massive sidings and cleaning out drive mechanisms. Just wipe these down when they get too dusty and get on with more important jobs.

Last, but not least, everyone who purchases one of these insulating swine curtains is assured the best quality product. Just because this is a more flexible fabric barn screen, that doesn't make it inferior. You still get a high-end fabric that performs to user expectations and is proven to last. It will hold to repeated use and maintain the same levels of protection time and time again.

Install A Mar-Co-Lite Swine Curtain Today

As you can see, the benefits of adding these swine curtains are clear. The protective barriers are more than room dividers. It's a chance to improve climate control, maintain the health of your pigs, cut costs, and generally make life easier. Call us today at (765) 564-3979 for more information on these products and getting your barn set up.