Upon request and contingent on logistics such as distance, installation may be available when purchasing new curtains. For do-it-yourselfers, installation instructions are available here.


Curtain Installation Instructions

  1. Install bird barrier on outside of stud wall with poultry staples.
  2. Attach on top 1” x 6” and 2” x 2”.
  3. Mount pulleys every 4 feet for 4 foot curtain, every 5 feet for 5 foot curtain.
  4. Run 1/8” cable through every fourth pulley and hook up to power unit. Power unit should be at the “closed” position.
  5. Cut lift cord 10” longer than curtain height. e.g. 58” for 48” curtain
  6. Drive a sixteen penny nail in approx. 1-1/2” on bottom plate of wall. Continue every 12”.
  7. Lay the curtain alongside of the building and insert swedge tubing through curtain loop making sure joints are snug.
  8. Hang bottom of curtain on nails.
  9. Pull cord straight down from pulley and put curtain clip on swedge tubing. If not using curtain clips, slit casing just below swedge tubing, run cord through, then tie knot around swedge tube.
  10. Remove all nails from bottom plate. Try to make curtain flush with top of bottom wall plate.
  11. Fasten bottom 1” x 3” over curtain. Pull curtain down while nailing to make a snug fit.
  12. Attach the big rope over the top of the curtain as shown in the diagram.
  13. Nail on cover board, if desired, or use closer strip.
  14. Install pockets on ends of curtain.
  15. Set “open limit” switch on power unit.