Poultry Curtains

Protect Your Chickens With Mar-Co-Lite Poultry Curtains

Poultry farms are an essential part of the food chain right across the country. This is a nation of chicken lovers who can't live without their meat and eggs. Then there are all those turkeys we eat over the holidays. This high demand means that it is essential that all poultry farmers provide the best possible living conditions for their chickens and laying hens. That's easier said than done, with so many risk factors to consider. That's why we created the Mar-Co-Lite poultry curtain.

These curtains can make a massive difference to the climate and overall comfort of a chicken barn. Take a look at the following benefits to see if it's time to make the change.

Why Do You Need Effective Chicken Coop Curtains?

  • Protective Mar-Co-Lite insulation for better climate control.
  • A simple way to lower costs for your chicken farm.
  • Privacy screening for your nesting animals.
  • A secure barrier to protect against biosecurity threats.
  • An easy-to-use system for maximum efficiency.
  • High-quality materials for a durable and reliable chicken coop system.

As you can see, the potential benefits of poultry curtains are extensive. Let's look at these factors in more detail so you can see how these effective room dividers can make a massive difference.

1) Ensuring better climate control in your chicken coop.

Temperature regulation in chicken houses is a massive consideration. If the building becomes too hot or too cold, the birds can easily suffer the effects and become ill. The problem is that different birds have different requirements, and you have to be especially careful with egg-laying birds to ensure strong and healthy eggs. This means an adaptable and effective system for heating, cooling, and ventilating the room. Some farmers will use extensive shutters, vents, and misting systems to control conditions. Fabric chicken curtains can provide effective regulation with a lot less effort.

2) Creating a more energy-efficient way to run your coop.

Right now, the energy costs needed to heat, light, and ventilate your chicken coop are probably causing some massive headaches. It doesn't have to be that way because it is possible to find a more energy-efficient solution. The contained environments and effective climate control mean less energy wasted heating and cooling an excessive space. You can work your energy expenditure more easily and work on better ways to control the temperature and lighting conditions. Over time, the savings will add up, giving you more money to put back into the farm, your chicken's living quarters, and other business ventures.

3) Offering better privacy screening for your animals.

Fabric curtains are also a brilliant way to offer quick and simple privacy screening for your animals. Some farmers will do this by creating a barrier in the barn to keep animals separated for convenience. This is a great idea if you have some birds that you want to keep indoors for health and safety reasons.

However, a well-placed curtain can be even more advantageous for your chickens. Chickens like their privacy when they go to nest, brood their eggs, and raise their young. It makes them feel more secure when they are enclosed in their nest box with complete privacy and darkness. A substantial fabric curtain in front of the nesting boxes can offer that immediate barrier and separate the hens from others in the flock. The ease of use and climate control of our Mar-Co-Lite curtains make them an obvious choice and a versatile screening solution.

4) Creating a substantial barrier against biosecurity threats.

Biosecurity is a massive threat in any poultry farm. The recent situation with avian flu and the need for secure indoor housing shows us that farmers can't take these threats lightly. One transmission and infection could be a disaster for the flock. In turn, positive results on your farm could create a domino effect in the area. Effective barn screening helps create a barrier between your birds and outside threats. The ventilation system makes it harder for airborne pathogens, dust, and chemicals to get into their internal environment. The physical screen also means that fewer wild birds and rodents are going to find their way in and spread disease that way. No system is completely fail-safe, but these user-friendly and protective screens can offer greater peace of mind.

Why Choose Flexible Mar-Co-Lite Poultry House Curtains?

Choosing to use a curtain for screening is just the start. You also need to be sure that you have the best solution possible for your own peace of mind. That's where our Mar-Co-Lite chicken coop curtains can help.

The ease of use is a big selling point for our customers. You want something you can set up and take apart as quickly and easily as possible. The material curtains provide an immediate screen or barn divider with minimal effort because there are no electrical systems, no heavy materials, and no fiddly closing mechanisms. All you need to do is get the screen in place, secure it with the 4” hems, and that's it. Anyone working in the barn with you should be able to handle it with no concern, letting you get on with more important tasks. Then, when you don't need it in place anymore, you can wipe it clean and open it back up.

Then there's the quality of the materials in these 100% USA-made coop dividers. We ensure that every curtain is made with the best materials possible for a long-lasting and strong curtain that is still light, perfect for ventilation, and easy to use. This includes the assurance that every curtain contains our effective Mar-Co-Lite insulating layer for climate control. This patented solution has our guarantee when it comes to effective temperature regulation and long-term use.

Get In Touch For Your New Mar-Co-Lite Chicken Room Dividers

There are many reasons to bring these effective chicken curtains into your facility. There are clear benefits for the birds, with the potential for improved privacy and climate control. Still, it's the biosecurity benefits that really stand out in today's climate. You really can't be too careful when caring for your birds, and that's why you need the most effective poultry curtains possible. Then you add in the benefits for your team, with the energy costs, low maintenance, and simple operation. This makes it a win-win situation.

So, if you are ready to change the way you protect your livestock and enjoy the benefits of this insulating curtain, get in touch with our team. Call us today at (765) 564-3979 and we can talk about our products, see what we can do to help, and get your farm set up with a much more efficient system.