RV Skirting & Tiny Home Skirting

Insulate Your RV With Mar-Co-Light Camper Skirting

RVs and small tiny homes deserve the same level of protection, climate control, and energy efficiency as any other property. The problem is that this isn't always easy to achieve given the structure and materials used to build these homes. The addition of poor weather conditions only makes things worse. RV sidings and skirting systems can provide an effective shield and much more control over your heating and cooling systems. A Mar-Co-Lite curtain can take that even further.

Why Choose A Curtain For Effective RV Skirting?

  • A secure RV curtain can help protect your home and its plumbing during extreme weather.
  • This can help bring down energy and maintenance costs over the year.
  • The curtain acts as an additional barrier around the property to deter animals.
  • You get a more attractive border than some DIY options.
  • The right curtain can provide greater ease of use through its portable design.
  • High-end insulating lining and external materials can last for years.

The right skirting solution can offer many potential benefits for those living in RVs and other small houses. Let's discuss some of these factors in more detail before looking at why Mar-Co-Lite RV curtains are such a great choice.

1) Protecting your home from wind, cold temperatures, and excessive heat.

Tiny home skirting helps owners by offering greater climate control within the property. It is too easy for these small homes to overheat in the summer and become too cold in the winter because of the air circulating underneath. That cold air becomes an even bigger problem in the winter when it starts freezing the pipes and the water in the tank. A strong insulated skirting system traps warm air under the RV, maintaining a more comfortable temperature. This then affects the ambient temperature in the home.

2) Lowering energy usage to help make life even easier.

When you use these curtains for improved climate control, this can also have a positive impact on your energy usage. The comfortable temperature inside the RV means a decreased need for space heaters during the winter. Also, the temperature regulation in the summer means you shouldn't need to use too many fans or open all the doors on the hottest days.

One of the joys of RV living is the opportunity to go off-grid, where it is practical to do so. But you still don't want to use too much of the power you generate on heating or air conditioning. Those systems can be incredibly power-hungry, draining your power supplies and leaving less energy for your appliances, entertainment systems, and other devices.

3) Keeping unwanted guests away from the area beneath your RV.

RV skirting isn't just about protecting the climate and efficiency of a small home. It is also a physical barrier shielding the space directly underneath your RV. Essentially, you could create a whole new practical space under there for storage. The RV curtain will shield everything from the wind and rain while still offering enough ventilation.

A secure and well-made skirting system may also help to deter any animals and other critters from getting in and causing damage. You don't want to store anything important there and find that someone has chewed their way through or made a little nest there. The most determined creatures will still go after any tasty food, but you can protect bikes, tools, and other important possessions.

4) Creating a more attractive border on the bottom of your home.

Finally, there are the aesthetics of a good tiny home skirting system. These curtains or other forms of screening provide a neat border around your home, hiding any of the ugly exterior features and debris underneath. You can get a nice clean finish that elevates the home, but only when you use the right materials.

Often, RV and mobile homeowners will use whatever they can get their hands on to get the job done. This could be anything from old iron sheets and scrap materials to hay bales and snow. The benefit here is that it is a temporary solution you can get rid of when it's time to move on. Still, it doesn't always look that great and doesn't offer the benefits mentioned above. A flexible curtain provides the ultimate solution and as you will see below, our Mar-Co-Lite RV skirting options are even more convenient.

How Can Mar-Co-Lite RV Curtains Make This Even Easier?

Some RV owners will prefer to go for make-shift DIY solutions to try and cut costs. However, it really is better to go with a trusted product built to last. Not only are our 100% USA-made tiny home curtains effective and durable, but they are user-friendly too.

A concern with some basic forms of RV skirting is that they aren't practical for families that move around. As mentioned before, those unattractive DIY solutions are OK for a short-term fix, but they could be better. Our flexible tiny house skirt products are more attractive, effective, and portable. You can set them up around the edge of the property as soon as you settle in, then detach them, and store them while you are on the move.

There are some added benefits in choosing this portable curtain too. The design is really user-friendly and quick to set up. The curtain fixes together with a simple 4” hems, which is perfect if you do use the space for storage and need easy access. It is also so easy to use that you can get the kids to help you. On top of that, the exterior material is wipe-clean. That way, you can get all the dirt and mud off for hygienic storage and have it looking good as new again.

With these high-end insulated curtains, you get all these benefits within a product that is built to last. The materials are strong and can handle whatever the local environment throws at them. The patented Mar-Co-Lite insulated lining is also guaranteed to last for years.



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These RV skirting curtains can solve a lot of problems with minimal effort. You should have few fewer worries about heating and cooling your small home through the year because of the great insulating properties of these Mar-Co-Lite screens. You can also use your energy more efficiently, create a new storage area, and have an external feature that looks great.

If you want to make the upgrade from DIY screening solutions to our high-quality camper skirting, get in touch. Call us today at (765) 564-3979 to learn more about how the system works and see how you can set one up around your home.